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Therapist bios

Sara Martin, Principle/RMT

Sara is a graduate of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba. She is focused on therapeutic massage and rehab treatments. Through her experience in high level sports she developed a great understanding of fitness and nutrition. She has a holistic approach to wellness, believing that nutrition, excersice, stress levels and environment affect a persons capabity to be well.

Shes an accomplished soccer player. Shes a adventure seeker and a skydiver.  She incorporates a global focus to her treatment protocol because of her travels and has also completed her Thai Massage Certificate in Thailand.

Devon Delorme, RMT

Devon is a graduate of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba. His practice is focused on holistic therapeutic massage. His sensitive touch understands the process of healing and his patience with in that brings results. His experience in Spa therapy translates into incredibly effective stress relief.

Devon is an active cyclist and practices yoga. His understanding and interest in movement as well as Ayurvedic healing systems informs his assessment and treatment of his clients. 

James Dondo, RMT

James is a graduate of the Everest College in Mississagua, Ontario. His work focuses on rehabilitation. He spends most his time working on athletes. 

James is able to assess a person’s movement and recognises when and why clients are not moving properly. His trigger point work and myofascial

release are intense and effective. His training will get you back to the health and range of motion you are used to or want to attain.

Britney Webb, Graduating end of June